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  The Felty Farm ...

On this page we may review past events and how these
events impacted preservation in Hunterstown.
For example, in the summer of 2006,
we saw the Historic Felty Barn
on Hunterstown Road torn down.
Because of the terrific press we received from
The Hanover Evening Sun
and The Gettysburg Times,
we were able to alert other publications,
websites and organizations.

The Felty Barn...
July 2005 Annual Walking Tour with Mike Vallone

The Historic Felty Barn
Mike Vallone giving Annual Walking Tour

"The day before this happened, when we returned to the vicinity of Gettysburg,
near a place called Hunterstown, I think,
our command had a thrilling experience and while charging a body of cavalry
down a lane leading by a barn, ran into an ambuscade of men posted in the (Felty) barn who dealt death and destruction upon us.
Within five minutes some four or five officers were killed and wounded
and about fifteen men were slain or wounded. "

Sketch of Cobb Legion Cavalry
And Some Incidents and Scenes Remembered.


The Felty Barn...
July 2006 Annual Walking Tour with Mike Vallone

The Historic Felty Barn less than one year later
The barn lay in ruins just days before the 2006 Tour

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